News and notes from the development of the current projects.

  • April update to Tales of a Vagrant

    A bit of an update in mid April, work is progressing a bit slower than anticipated mostly due to lot’s of personal things, no worries I’m fine just busy I will adress this a bit later.

  • Sneak peak at the next project

    I have some more stuff in the works, here comes a sneak peak of the next game I am working on. This is a Samurai themed game and the screenshots below are the first looks of a winter themed area with some holiday challenges. Send me any feedback on twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

  • Summary of 2021

    So now that 2021 has passed I have now worked with GreyCode as my fulltime occupation for half a year. During this time I have released HappyHill and a small update to it. Started a new project which is roughly half way through if I don’t switch target for the game.

  • Release of HappyHill!

    After quite some time of working, tweaking I finally got HappyHill to a state that it has been released. This is first release of the game which has been rebuild from native Swift and SpriteKit code to a Unity project and then released to both Apple AppStore as well as Google Play Store.