News and notes from the development of the current projects.

  • Summer break and a way forward!

    So here in Sweden it is summertime and I will soon take a vacation from all kind of work to rest and recharge. June was an intense month it feels like I have had much to do not all related to game development. Still I have some fun things to share!

  • May mayhem

    So may became an intense month. I joined other indie game developers on the 14th of May to showcase my game in an event called Indie Game Dungeon. It was a fun and intense evening filled with good feedback and many encouraging words on my game.

  • April showdown

    Another month and time for another update from my continued work with Tales of a Vagrant!

    Work is progressing and I have been continuing to work on details deep in the game mechanics. Balancing takes time and is a really hard task. I think I underestimated it last month.

  • March madness

    So march went by in a blazing speed. As usual my plans didn’t hold up. I got sidetracked with working on the progression system for the player. So I can tell you as the first readers that I now have a light weight RPG element. As you progress through the story you will gain XP to advance your samurai.

  • Fresh news from February

    Another month has passed and I continue to work hard on my game. This month I have very little to show as in visual progress. But i will continue to show you the enemies as the appear and soon i will reveal more about the first boss. I have finished my rework of the bosses and they are now more as i want them.

  • January update

    So January flew by like a jetplane for me here in the GreyCode Labs. I am working hard on the game and have made both some visible but also a lot of invisible changes.

    After some playtesting in the begining of the month I decided to rework the enemy AI and create more variation for each enemy type. This to make the game more challenging but also to give each enemy type some more personality and uniqueness.

  • Summary of 2023

    Now that we are entering 2024 an new year with new possibilites I take some time to recap the year that passed. Last year started with the first release of my game Tales of a Vagrant, quickly I realised that the format didn’t work well. I started planning and rebuild the game to make it better and fit the vision have I have. This quick rebuild that I had in my head quickly became a larger project than I thought.

  • April update to Tales of a Vagrant

    A bit of an update in mid April, work is progressing a bit slower than anticipated mostly due to lot’s of personal things, no worries I’m fine just busy I will adress this a bit later.

  • Sneak peak at the next project

    I have some more stuff in the works, here comes a sneak peak of the next game I am working on. This is a Samurai themed game and the screenshots below are the first looks of a winter themed area with some holiday challenges. Send me any feedback on twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

  • Summary of 2021

    So now that 2021 has passed I have now worked with GreyCode as my fulltime occupation for half a year. During this time I have released HappyHill and a small update to it. Started a new project which is roughly half way through if I don’t switch target for the game.

  • Release of HappyHill!

    After quite some time of working, tweaking I finally got HappyHill to a state that it has been released. This is first release of the game which has been rebuild from native Swift and SpriteKit code to a Unity project and then released to both Apple AppStore as well as Google Play Store.