A bit of an update in mid April, work is progressing a bit slower than anticipated mostly due to lot’s of personal things, no worries I’m fine just busy I will adress this a bit later.

In the beginning of April I can celebrate 50 followers on Instagram. If you missed me on one of my social media account links are below in the footer. I published a video where a part of the characters are cheering for your support. When it comes to social media I will see how I post forward, depending on how twitter continues to change I will probobly move to another routine for publishing ongoing updates.

A large part of my work last month was to tweak the controls and hit boxes. Things that isn’t so visible but results in a lot more responsive game. I am not 100% done or satisfied but getting closer to something that is good enough. It is now also easier to hit the enemeies and I have some more plans to make you the player feel more powerful in how you can attack the enemies and move swiftly.

Work continues on shaping up the existing levels so far there are some more level to create. I have some sketches on the planned levels so far. Might be time for a closed beta test soon. If you are interested in beta testing let me know by signing up here.