So may became an intense month. I joined other indie game developers on the 14th of May to showcase my game in an event called Indie Game Dungeon. It was a fun and intense evening filled with good feedback and many encouraging words on my game.

Before the event I put together a trailer that I showed on a screen at the event and that is now available on my youtube channel. Before the event I did lots of work with getting things working and testing the game on my test devices. It all went very well with some minor issues in the build but I have fixed most of them by now.

The image above is my table before the event started. As you see on the image I have gamepad support now as well and on an iPad it becomes quite a nice expereience.

Right now the beta test for the game is open and you can go here to register for the beta test.

After the event I took some time to rest and gather the feedback into a plan forward. I have worked the last two weeks on some more updates to make the game easier to get into and also some readability issues with the font and font colors.

Above is the first trailer for the game if you have missed it.

I have some things not ready yet that I will share next month. Until then I hope you have a great start of the summer and make some time to test the beta.