Another month and time for another update from my continued work with Tales of a Vagrant!

Work is progressing and I have been continuing to work on details deep in the game mechanics. Balancing takes time and is a really hard task. I think I underestimated it last month.

Something I have added that I can show you is some new models for weapons in the game. At this time there are 15 different kinds of swords you can use in the game each with the different aspects. So here is a short video of me testing one of the odachi variants. If you are not familiar with the types of japanese swords an odachi is very long sword in average about 153cm long so it takes quite some skill to use it. This of course one of the more powerful weapons in the game but it comes with a price of somewhat slower attacks and will leave you open to attacks from enemies.

In the video above is also from a new hub area where the game will start. From here you will find daily challenges, places to find upgrades the main quest and more.

I will share more in the coming months as I continue with fine tuning and tweaking the game. I have some things left I want to finish and polish before I make another round of tests.