So now that 2021 has passed I have now worked with GreyCode as my fulltime occupation for half a year. During this time I have released HappyHill and a small update to it. Started a new project which is roughly half way through if I don’t switch target for the game.

As of now I my game is not profitable at all, I would say that it was a learning experience in completing a game with Unity, learning how to publish a game. Doing the first stabs at marketing. I could do much more with the game but also I realized that I am not very good at designing puzzle games. They might seem easy at first sight but are far from it I think. Currently game developpment will be done on part time as I continue to consult.

The plan for 2022 is to actually finish the second game and try to do more marketing of HappyHill to see if I can reach more users and receive more feedback. To reach me and give feedbacm contact me on twitter. 2021 was the start of as journey to build my business to make games it has been an intence year and fun year also. I plan to be more active during the year to share more tidbits on the progress on my next project.

Let’s push the medal to the metal and burn with full speed into 2022 and have fun making games.