So march went by in a blazing speed. As usual my plans didn’t hold up. I got sidetracked with working on the progression system for the player. So I can tell you as the first readers that I now have a light weight RPG element. As you progress through the story you will gain XP to advance your samurai.

I am finetuning the progressions right now. testing how the leveling system should work and which attributes to adjust. I have also added weapons with levels so before I had three kind of swords now there will be different levels with different strength and weaknesses to make combat more diverse. Above is a short video with the first teaser of a new area in the game, what do you think about it?

This mean that my planned test phase is postponed a bit until I get all these things more polished. I aim to have a test phase by the end of this month instead. I want to have a good balanced setup for the progressions before I collect feedback.

Above is a second teaser for the new area I am working on, my plan is to make this into a hub area from where you access different parts of the game world. This is the first time I show anyone this new area. I hope you like it.