So January flew by like a jetplane for me here in the GreyCode Labs. I am working hard on the game and have made both some visible but also a lot of invisible changes.

After some playtesting in the begining of the month I decided to rework the enemy AI and create more variation for each enemy type. This to make the game more challenging but also to give each enemy type some more personality and uniqueness.

Above is a video of the player fighting the enemy named Hisoka. Now I am in the process of reworking each boss to give them more of a personality and more of a challenge.

I am aiming to have another playtest at the end of the month maybe earlier depends on how all the work goes. I want to get some feedback on how the game feels right now and get an estimate on the difficulty curve.

As a final compare above is a video where you meed the weakest enemy named Fujita if you compare the two gameplays you see some subtle changes between the enemy types. Did you like this or have feedback on the game? Reach out on my social media channels. Do you want to get the latest insights first? Subscribe to my newsletter for a monthly update on my project.