I have participated in a few gamejams och published some smaller gameprototypes.

Hopeless Cave

This is a small plattformer game built using unity in october 2021. The theme for the Jam was the swedish word, “hopp” which can be translated as hope or jump. I chose to use a combination of those for my game. I tried to focus on a darker theme where my inital thought was that you as a player would jump up torwards the light but as the light part became difficult. I changed and now you jump to keep your hope by avoiding the water and drown.

This prototype was built using Unity 2020.3 during two weeks with an average time spent of 2 hours per day. The game can be downloaded from

Lonesome Lenny

This is also a gamejam prototype for a moody Sci-Fi themed action adventure game. You take on the role as Lenny who needs to find his way out of this world by finding keys and avoiding the evil hunting robots.

This game was also creating on gamejam that was held during two weeks with a restriction of a few hours per day. I spend about 2,5h per day on this prototype. This was build with Unitu 2020.3 LTS and is availble as a web game also on

Work in progress

Below is a few videos of current work in progress prototypes that I haven’t released public yet.

Lost Circus

A 2D plattformer with a circus theme. This is built for mobile devices, focus is on a simpler gameplay and fun interaction. The gameplay tries to be a mix between super mario and sonic games. All graphics is created by my using Affinity Designer.


A topdown action game inspired by the game gauntlet also a game with a SciFi tone. This started as an experiment with effective loading of assets and then more experiments with having vertex colored output. Most of the graphics is built using the standard primitives in Unity.